The Winchester Rifle And The Kingdom Principals


The Winchester rifle and firearms of the 1950s and 60’s would be considered the king of that era. They not only had dominance in the high powered rifles, but they also dominated in the shotguns and 22 rifles in that time.(IMHO)

If you open any advertisement for Winchester guns from that time you would see one of the best lineups of firearms ever. The Winchester Model 70 was king of the rifle world. 

The model 12 shotgun was a classic in the shotguns. The Winchester rifle line of 22s  was second to none. And their levers were legendary. Winchester had it all.

They were dominate from the late 40s right after World War II until the mid-1960s, when they pretty much did radical changes to their gun line. I have often wondered why they did such radical changes and did it so quickly. If they would have done it over and extended period of time they may not have had such an adverse reaction to what they did.

By doing what they did, they gave the other gun companies, primarily Remington the ability to step up and take control of the private hunting and shooting market from the mid-1960s until the present day. And the Winchester rifle line after the 1960s would never recover.

I would say part of the golden age of firearms was that all the gun companies, including Winchester did a much better job of producing quality guns off the assembly line. Even though these guns were not custom built. They were made to a higher standard of guilty, and this is what made the guns of the 1950s such highly sought after firearms.

We could say that those who worked on the guns cared more for what the product at the end was going to be. They probably took more pride in what they produced and how it made them proud to say they worked on that gun.


In those days Winchester rifle had a cult like following.




If you were a Winchester rifle man then that is what you bought and stayed pretty much within that line of thinking. I would say the primary buyers of that era were the middle-class that could afford a better made gun like the Winchester rifles. It was also probably a status factor to show up at your hunting camp or shooting range and have a Winchester rifle or shotgun.  


Owning one of those Winchester’s from that time is always going to get into the heart and soul of the serious rifle men.

Today, I believe that owning a Winchester rifle is like holding a part of American history, and you could say that you own something that can never be produced again. And that time in our American history will never be again.

Winchester always had that ability in my mind that said, “freedom” and was associated with freedom.

We marched forward into the unknown and the Winchester firearms were there in the wagons and on the horses. Winchester and the American West can never be separated. Winchester is now synonymous with our Western heritage and the conquering of the wilderness.

So it still holds a very prominent part in what I believe is what America is all about. Let us hope and pray that we as a nation are able to continue to have the ability to purchase and own these firearms, for many more years to come.

I believe they will become much more collectible in the years to come. They will be a very good addition to any collection and also as an investment for your future. They are something of value to hand down to your kids or grandkids.

The Winchester firearms of the 1950s would also be considered the king of the gun collecting world. They are some of the most sought after guns in the world. The Winchester rifle had it all.