Rating The Firearm Values Of Classic Firearms


Because I am going to be giving some advice about gun collecting and firearm values. I thought that doing a rating on the firearms I am talking about would be of some benefit to those looking to invest or buy a collector firearm.

This would be a simple but effective way to get across what I personally think of a guns value, and the unique features of that firearm.

Everyone will have a different idea of what a classic firearm would be. The ideas and advice are my opinions, and are not the last words on the subject of the Golden age of firearms. This would be the years after WWII till the mid-1960’s.

Some of you would consider a much earlier time and that’s okay. But from my experiences this is the time that I would consider to be the finest era of classic guns. (IMHO)

When I am rating the gun for collecting and firearm values. I will be using the terms fair, good, or excellent. So let’s take a closer look at my rating system.

Fair – If the firearm is a fair value, then it can be bought at a reasonable price and is not real rare. These in some ways are maybe a better deal. As they are still priced right and will eventually build in value. You can also still hunt, and shoot this type of firearm and not be overly concerned with damaging it. Just use it and enjoy it, but be careful you do not hurt the gun value.

Good – The good rating would be the most used in my firearms rating system. Like I stated earlier. If it’s rare, it’s harder to get at reasonable prices. And if you do make a good find, great! But that is getting much harder to do. In my opinion, most guns under the good rating will give better gain over the long haul. The condition of the gun would be a bigger factor here as well. And some of the more common collectible guns in great condition would be a good purchase. The firearm values will be good.

Excellent -In order to get into the excellent rating. I believe you would need to have three things present.

1st  It has to be fairly rare, but it should have a good number still in the market.

2nd  It needs to be in great condition with no alterations. I will get into more about conditions, when I do articles about individual models and firearm types.

3rd  It needs to be under the radar. And what do I mean by that? There are other firearms besides Winchester out there and often they are overlooked. These guns will be very desirable over the long-haul, and you could not go wrong by owning one of these. Firearm values at its best.


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Because I cannot see and handle the firearms that people may be looking at, the ratings are a generalization of those guns in good condition. Like all types of collecting, you need to be knowledgeable about the item. If you do not know, then find an expert who does. Sometimes doing some serious studying on the firearm can help, but getting someone who is knowledgeable is definitely advisable. This is especially critical on the rare and highly sought after firearms.

Just because a firearm like a  Winchester model 70   is in a rare caliber or configuration, does not necessarily mean it will have an excellent rating. They would be very expensive and not many could or would invest that much money. These are sought after by the serious collectors.

A Winchester firearm in the model 70 in the 270 caliber would get an excellent rating, because it’s still very collectible, yet can be found in reasonable numbers. It would also be much more affordable, and be a great gun to shoot or hunt with.

There are many guns other than the Winchester, Remington, or Savage firearms of that period. We will talk more of those models and companies in other articles. Some great guns are out there that will become more desirable as the more popular guns become harder to obtain. There are some great firearm values out there.

I also believe that some of the   22 rifles   are excellent choices to look at, because of the ability to just shoot them and enjoy it. We can also appreciate that 22 long rifle ammo can be bought at reasonable prices.

Winchester firearms and their line of 22 rifles can be great gun values. The 22 caliber rifles will be discussed in more detail in other articles.

My main focus will be rifles and handguns. I will get into shotguns at a later time.

Check out my article on   Gun Values   and gun collecting for firearms from the golden age of classic firearms.