7MM-08 Remington Cartridge And The 284 World

The 7MM-08 Remington cartridge was developed by Remington Arms Company in the late 1960s. This would be a cartridge that would become very popular after its introduction. One of the reasons that I am speaking of the 7MM-08 cartridge at this time is to give a little boost to the 284 diameter bullet and the 7MM cartridges.

The 7MM cartridge would be most famous for the military version that many European gun manufacturers used in their bolt action military guns. This would primarily be the 7×57 or the 7MM Mauser. This would primarily be used in the Mauser rifles like the  93,95 and 98 model Mauser rifles of the early 1900s.The 7MM Mauser is considered by myself and other gun enthusiasts to be an excellent cartridge.




The 7MM Mauser or 7 x 57 cartridge would give excellent ballistics and performance when adapted to the commercial made rifles. Problem with the 7 x 57 was the issue of ammunition companies manufacturing rounds that were loaded to specifications for the older rifles. They would give excellent performance much like the 7mm-08 Remington cartridge when reloaded.

Because the early cartridges were designed for some guns like the 93 and 95 Mauser that could only withstand certain pressures to be safe to shoot. If the 7MM Mauser was reloaded to its optimum performance levels the cartridge can be as good as or better than other cartridges in its class.

1950s and 60s cartridge companies like Winchester firearms and Remington firearms would start to develop the 7MM or 284 diameter bullets to more modern style rifles in the short action rifles.

The 284 Winchester round would be in my opinion one of the best cartridges that Winchester would develop in those years. The 7MM-08 Remington cartridge that Remington developed would be another in that line of short action 284 dia. cartridges.

There would also be developed at this time the 7MM cartridges in the long action style and these would include the 280 Remington cartridge. I will give more information on these cartridges in separate articles about them.

The magnums cartridges would also adapt very well to the 7MM or 284 diameter bullets like the 7MM Remington Mag and the 7MM  Weatherby  mag. These cartridges would be primarily designed for long range hunting on such animals as Western mule deer or elk hunting in those regions of the US. They could also be used as long range varmint rifles but I always felt you were over doing that sport with a 7MM Magnum cartridge of any sort.

One of my Main points in this article is that the 7MM diameter cartridge is suited a little better for the average Whitetail or Eastern large game hunting.

The 30 caliber cartridges in that class usually were not the most pleasant firearm for the shooter to try out on the bench. The guns would kick considerably and for the young and inexperienced shooters this can have a negative impact to their hunting and shooting experiences.


The 7MM-08 Remington cartridge is much more forgiving on the bench. True in all 284 dia. cartridges IMHO.


So with my experiences and being able to talk to hundreds of shooters over the years. The optimum bullet in my humble opinion is the 7MM or 284 diameter cartridge.

But another point of this article is for the collecting aspect. Because the 7MM or 284 dia. cartridges like the   284 Winchester   were not popular in the 1950s and early 60s, they have become very desirable now. These are great guns to invest in and a pleasure to shoot as well.