Classic Unertl Scopes

The Unertl Scopes Company would probably be the prominent target scope made in that era. They would produce target scopes from the 8 power to 24 powers, and I considered them a great line of target scopes.

I had the pleasure of shooting a few Remington 40x target rifles and also a few Winchester 52 target rifles from that era. They were mounted with the Unertl target scopes.

I had two Remington model 40x target guns with 24 power scopes that a gentleman brought into our shop in Northeast Pennsylvania for us to sell. They were both from the 1950s era and were in really top notch condition.

I remember taking one of those two Remington rifles to my in-laws farm and shooting squirrels and chipmunks with those rifles. Because the guns were so heavy there was absolutely no recoil. With the 24 power scopes the squirrels looked like the size of bears in the scope.

I could shoot and watch everything that happened. You could litterly shoot the toes off those squirrels. Shooting those guns was an experience I will never forget and it was quite enjoyable.

Unertl scopes are still very usable today and can be a good investment. Especially if you can find them mounted on the Remington 40x or Winchester 52 target rifles.

Those combinations are great for taking your kids out and teaching them how to shoot. It would be a very pleasurable experience for them and yourself as well.

One of the drawbacks with the Unertl scopes is how it had an effect on the collectability of certain firearms.

They were very long and because of the length of the scope, many gunsmiths of that era would drill and tap holes for the scope mount into the barrel by the rear sight. It did not happen often but you do see them that way from time to time.

Some of the nice Winchester pre-64 70s in 22 hornet or 220 swift would have this style mount installed and it does affect the guns value.


The Unertl scopes company would produce some rifle hunting scopes in the 1950’s. But they would not be as desirable as the target scopes in that period. I do not remember many Unertl hunting scopes coming thru the shops I worked in over the years. But I would think the  Unertl hunting scopes would be very desirable. Not many were made.

The best way to buy a Unertl scope is when it is already installed on a classic firearm. They just give the firearm a very distinct look that only adds to the firearms character. Just keep an eye on the mounting of the scope and that no extra holes are added to the rifle.