300 Savage Ammo Plus


Gotta love that 300 Savage Ammo ! The Savage Gun Company of the 1900s would develop a couple of Savage cartridges that were unique only to the Savage gun company. These two cartridges would be the 303 Savage cartridge and the 300 Savage cartridge. A couple of decades later the 250 Savage would be introduced into the Savage lineup around 1915.


They would become very popular in the Savage 99 line. After World War II the Savage 250 and Savage 300 cartridges would continue into the 1960s as very popular cartridges.


300 savage ammo

The 300 Savage was an update of the 303 Savage cartridge that was developed for the 1899 Savage in the mid-1890’s. The Savage 300 ammo was a good alternative to the 30-06 cartridge and was able to fit into a lever action rifle. This would be a short cartridge that would approach the ballistics of the 30-06.


It would remain popular till the development of the 308 Winchester cartridge that was developed in the 1950s.


The 250 Savage was the mid-range medium deer cartridge of the early 1900’s. It was also a versatile varmint cartridge. Both the 250 Savage and 257 Roberts would be great mid-range cartridges that performed very well in the 1950s.


They would be over shadowed by the 243 Winchester in the late 1950’s. I still consider the 250 Savage and 257 Roberts better cartridges than the 243 Winchester (IMHO).


The Winchester Firearms Company and the Remington Firearms Company would both also chamber rifle models in the Savage 300 and the Savage 250-3000 round. The two Savage rounds would remain popular well into the 1960s and early 70s.


The 303 Savage would be discontinued before World War II and was discontinued in the Savage line. The 303 Savage cartridge when it was developed was primarily to compete with the 30-30 Winchester cartridge.


The Savage 300 round would be advertised in the 1967 ads for the Savage 99 F model. By this time the 250 Savage would no longer be offered. I myself personally would still prefer the Savage 300 round over the 308 round simply because it is a much more forgiving round to shoot on the bench. You can shoot this gun and have a pleasant experience shooting it without getting your shoulder pounded.


The 308 round is a little more uncomfortable to shoot and does not give you much better ballistics than the classic 300 Savage ammo.


The 300 Savage ammo is available in many of those classic firearms from that time. 



I consider the 300 Savage as a good Cartridge to hunt with today and a true hunting classic.


The 303 Savage in the model 1899 or 99 models are a good investment as they are not as desirable as the other rounds and can be more readily available. Those who reload can make their own ammo and still enjoy shooting this old time deer rifle from the early years of classic firearms.


The 303 Savage ammo in the original boxes made by either the Winchester or Remington Cartridge Company’s would be great ammo to have. They have become very collectible if ammo is factory rounds and the boxes are in good to excellent condition.


Any original ammo and boxes in the Savage cartridges made in the 1950s or earlier are very collectible today. They must be original factory shells, (no reloads) and the boxes must be in great condition.

Original ammo are great additions to those collector rifles or handguns of the 1950s.