Used Gun Values And Gun Collecting

Firearms collecting and used gun values was something that I learned about at an early age. I have been around used rifles and handguns since I was 15 years old. I started to work in a gun shop in northeast Pennsylvania in the early 1970’s. I would visit many gun stores that were scattered around the country. This was a time when there were more small shops and a nice variety of collector firearms to look at.

I can still remember a couple of those old gun traders and their gun stores. They were mostly old gentleman, and doing the gun business because they loved it. They had many hunting rifles for sale and understood gun collecting.

As I remember those gun shops, I can still see the great assortment of rifles and  handguns in those shops. There would be everything from military rifles and custom made converted military rifles, to well-made Winchester, Remington, and Savage firearms in those great little shops. Can still smell the pipe tobacco.

In those days gun collecting was not really the main focus for the gun buyer. The used gun values books were not yet widely available. There were some gun magazine companies that did produce information on used rifles and firearms values.

But by and large the main focus of gun stores was to supply a hunting rifle or shotgun to the hunting public. Used rifles were available and in pretty decent quantities. Back then you could buy a very nice Winchester model 70 pre-64 at really reasonable prices. And those guns would be in excellent condition.

I have bought and sold thousands of used rifles, handguns, and shotguns over the years. I have seen men 25 years ago walk away from a gun sale because of a 20 dollar difference in price. That Sako rifle you turned down for 20 dollars is worth 4 or 5 times the used gun value now. That Winchester model 70 in 257 Roberts is worth more than the car you owned back then. The gun value of that Colt single action army is going to make you cry.

So what is my point here? Do not go into gun collecting with a $500.00 mentality. Could have to pay $2000.00 for good quality used rifles. And sometimes it could be much more if your collecting top of the line Winchester rifles.

If the gun trader has a clean collectible firearm in the right condition, buy it. It will build its gun value over time. Do not let $20.00 ruin a good deal on that 22 hornet or a nice 22 rifle you have been looking for.

Those who bought their guns at that time can be assured that their gun values have increased substantially over the years. The used gun values of today’s firearms will never compare to the firearms that were manufactured in the 1950s and 60s.

When you are looking to buy a used rifle or handgun, then it is sometimes a good idea to also look at its collector side. Does it make my  Rating Page.  Is it able to become a more popular firearm and has a limited number made.  Can buy something that you can use now and still over time make money with it. This is the great thing about collecting firearms from the Golden age of classic firearms.

Winchester Firearms, Browning Firearms, Colt Firearms or Smith & Wesson Firearms of that era can be bought sometimes for the same amount that you would buy the new gun for. So therefore, the used gun values of that vintage firearm are a much better investment.

So I encourage those of you looking to buy a new firearm or used rifle to consider the old vintage guns over some of the new ones. You will be getting a much better gun value on a lot of those vintage lever action rifles. The old used rifles can be of much better quality and in a lot of ways they just look better than the new style manufactured firearms.

It is a shame to see the old gun traders from years ago slowly leave the gun collecting world. The one-man gun stores in the back woods of America are I’m afraid going to be something you will see less and less of. If you still have those old gun stores around then make it a point to patronize those gun stores.

Hunting rifles for sale in the golden age should be something that we always think of when we enter the one-man gun stores that are still around.

I like the concept of the gun shows that can be attended in most states. It still gives you the ability to see many different styles of firearms, all in the same building. From lever action rifles to single shot rifles and all of the accessories that go with them. Nothing like a room full of good collectable used rifles and handguns.

It can also be of great value to young hunter or shooters who can experience something they will never see on TV. It could spark an interest that could forever change their thinking about guns and hunting.


Classic Gun Trader Firearms of the Golden Age