Winchester Model 67 and 69
Two Old Favorites

The Winchester model 67 and 69 in the golden age of firearms. The Winchester 22 caliber rifles that were manufactured in the 1950s and early 60s would be considered in my opinion some of the best 22 rifles ever made.

A couple of the Winchester arms in the 22 bolt action rifle that came through our gun shop in the 70s and 80s, would be the Winchester model 67 single shot and the repeating Winchester model 69. They were just wonderful little 22 rifles and very common in the 50s and 60s.

We would sell many of those firearms at our gun shop in Pennsylvania and they were just excellent all round guns for the 22 shooters who wanted a dependable 22 bolt action rifle. They were of a pretty simple design, especially the model 67. I would not have many issues with the function and shooting of these 22 caliber rifles.

Classic Winchester Image


I personally own a model 67 Winchester that belonged to my father when he was a teenager. It has been fired probably thousands of times and is still a very good functioning rifle to this day. The first animal I would hunt and take was a cottontail rabbit and I would shoot it with my Winchester model 67 rifle.

I would have reblued many of those two rifles over the years because that was probably the biggest issue with those firearms. They were heavily used and of course a young teenager or young man is not going to consider the finish on it as much as his enjoyment of being out hunting and target shooting with that rifle.

They did get pretty good use and I would reblue many of those rifles and they were a pleasure to work on. The Winchester model 69 would of course be a magazine feed model. They were again a very popular rifle and it did not have a lot of issues. They did make many of these rifle models over the years.

It is still quite common to see either the model 67 or model 69 around different gun shops or gun shows and I would advise those looking for a nice classic 22 from the 1950s to consider buying either one of those models. They are still reasonably priced and can be found in decent numbers.

If you can find them in real good condition I would give them an excellent rating. But by all means don’t pass up some of the harder used one’s as they make excellent hunting and shooting guns, for the young shooters coming up. In a lot of ways they are better rifles than most of the new ones made today. Parts can still be found and the guns can be repaired fairly easily.

Just a couple of great firearms from Winchester arms. 

So buy and enjoy the Winchester model 67 or Winchester model 69 classic 22 rifles.

Good reasons to buy:

    •    Good quality

    •    Reasonable prices

    •    Many made

    •    Good parts supply

    •    Fun to shoot

    •    Excellent value