The 222 Remington Cartridge, A Personal Favorite


The 222 Remington cartridge would be developed by the Remington Arms Company around 1950. It would not only be a totally new cartridge that was not developed from another cartridge. And it would lead the way in Remington innovation in cartridge designs in the years ahead.

Remington Arms Company would release the Remington 222 and the 722 Remington rifle at about the same time. This combination would be very popular in the 1950s.

If someone was to tell me that this combination of rifle and cartridge have been much improved on in the last 60 years I would have some issues. The 700 series of rifles are legendary and the 222 is just one great varmint cartridge. Having one of the hyper velocity 22 center fires may give better visual effects but will never outdo the 222 Remington Cartridge for accuracy and the all-around pleasant experience when shooting it.


Remington Arms Company would use the Remington 222 round in the model 722 and the Remington 760 pump during the 1950s. They did not produce a significant amount of 222 Remington’s in the pump Remington 760. It is a very collectible gun and would be great in any collection. During the 1950s the Savage Firearms Company would produce a bolt action model 340 in the 222 Remington. The Savage rifle in the 340 model is still a fine gun to have today and with the clip feed system it was an excellent gun to own and hunt with. This gun is still readily available in both the 222 Remington cartridge and 22 Hornet cartridge.


The Remington 760  in the 222 Remington is a True Classic Firearm


The Remington model 722 and 760 along with the Savage rifle in the 340 model with the 222 cartridge are a few of my favorite firearms from the 1950s. They would all have that quality and workmanship that you could only get from that time period.

The Remington 222 cartridge is in my opinion is one of the best varmint and bench shooting 22 center fire rounds ever produced. Because of its low recoil and extreme accuracy it can be not only a pleasure for the average hunter to shoot. It can also be enjoyed by women and children or those that are just getting into the shooting sport.

This is one of those cartridges that would lose its place in the 22 center fire world to newly designed cartridges in the 1960s. Remington Arms Company would develop the popular 223 round and the extremely popular varmint round in the Remington 22-250. I will discuss more of these two rounds in separate articles.

I personally hope that this cartridge can make a comeback in the sporting world of shooting. This is a great little cartridge and should be enjoyed for the pleasant experience this cartridge gives. Any one of those firearms from the 1950s or 60s in this cartridge I would consider very good investments.

It may never be a real popular cartridge again and those firearms from the 1950s and 60s will become excellent investments. The 222 Remington cartridge is one that I highly recommend for any hunter or shooter at any age.


The Remington 222 advantages

•    Extremely accurate

•    Very desirable

•    Fun on the bench

•    Good for women and children shooters (why so popular)


The Remington 222 cartridge issues

•    Not a good deer cartridge

•    Very few guns chambered for it today

•    Hard to find used (popular)