22 Hornet Rifles, Classic Gems

The 22 hornet rifles of the 1950s era would be considered a very desirable gun to have. The 22 hornet cartridge was available in several different rifles from that era and is a great addition to any collection. A true classic firearm cartridge from the golden age of firearms.

The Winchester model 70 and the Winchester model 43 were available in the hornet round from the Winchester Arms Company. The Savage model 340 and the Savage single barrel model 219 were made in the 22 hornet caliber by the Savage Firearms Company.


The 22 hornet firearms of that period will demand a lot of attention in the firearms market.


22 hornet rifles of the 1950s are quite desirable and collectible today, especially in the Winchester line of firearms.

Savage firearms did manufacture the 340 model and the 219 model in the 22 hornet but they are not considered highly collectible firearms. They can demand good prices if in excellent shape just because of the cartridge. The 340 model with the detachable magazine was a great varmint gun for the man with his budget in mind. And they were very accurate.

It is interesting to note that a Winchester model 70 would retail in 1954 for $120.00 and the Winchester 43 in special grade would retail for $74.00. You could purchase the Savage 340 for $48.00

All these guns are excellent firearms and I would consider any of these guns in excellent condition to be great buys.

The 22 hornet cartridge was considered one of the top varmint cartridges in the early 1950s. It would soon be overshadowed by the 222 Remington cartridge that was being chambered in Remington and Savage firearms in the early 1950s.

Neither round is considered to be good deer cartridges, and it is highly recommended that they not be used for deer hunting.

I first wrote this article a couple of years ago and have watched the demand and price to increase a good bite in the last couple years. The Winchesters 22 hornet rifles have always been very collectable and demanded a premium price. I expected this to happen, but not to see the price increases that the Savage 340 model in the 22 hornet have gained. This little rifle is nice condition is becoming very desirable. A good firearm to think about picking up. Good ones will only go up in price. (1-14-17)


Many of the scope companies of that time would have their scopes installed on many of those 22 hornet firearms. This was because of its reputation as a varmint cartridge. Weaver rifle scopes were used and many were equipped with the Unertl scopes of that period as well. Always remember to check to see if extra holes were drilled on the Winchester rifles. This will hurt the value of the firearm considerably. Especially if the barrel was drilled out by the rear sight.

These firearms in the Winchester model 70 and the Winchester model 43 are great guns if you can find them from that period. Expect to pay above the average prices for the 22 hornet firearms but do understand that these firearms will only improve in value over time.

They are great collectible firearms.