Classic Redfield Scope Mounts

The Redfield scope mounts company of the 1950s would  produce the bases and rings that became very popular in the 70s and 80s . They were primarily a company that produced scope mounts in the 50s and start manufacturing their own scopes soon after.

Their style of the duel two-piece or one piece scope mounts that were manufactured in the 1950s and 60s and the split ring concept look very similar to today’s mounts. The junior scope mount system from the Redfield bases line were very functional and a fine looking addition to any rifle.

In the 1961 advertisements, they were advertising the junior system and by that time were even manufacturing the extension style split rings. They would also at this time be manufacturing 1 inch and 26 mm diameter rings.

The style looks of the 1950’s were very much the same compared to the mounts made years later. Redfield rifle scopes and Redfield scope mounts bases and rings were very popular in the 60s and 70s.


Redfield also in those years would be manufacturing receiver sites and target sites for international match shooters. These were high quality made receiver sites. The Redfield micrometer receiver sites came on many of the Remington 22 target rifles of the 1950’s.

They were made for regular rifles and target rifles. They were a high quality receiver site and were quite popular in the 1950s. They would also manufacture front sights for dovetailed hunting guns and target rifles.

The Redfield company was not really known for scopes in the 1950s.

It was not until the early 1960s that the Redfield rifle scopes company would come into being. They would eventually purchase the Stilth scope company and start producing scopes under the Redfield scope company name. One of the most famous Scopes of the Redfield scope company was the bear cub model.

This was also a name that the Stilth Scope Company used in the 1950’s on one of their scope models.

I would install many Redfield scope mounts and rings on numerous firearms while gunsmithing in the 1970’s into the 90’s. They were very nice looking and a pleasure to work with. They gave those classic Remington 700 rifles a very distinct look that only added class to an already classy firearm.

There are many Redfield scope mounts and rings available on the market today. You can find many gun shops that have new and used Redfield rings and bases still available. They can really add to the quality of your classic rifles from the golden age of classic firearms.

Redfield scope mounts and the classic firearms of the 1950’s where a great combination and it did not hurt if you had Redfield rifle scopes installed also.