Deer Hunting Rifle Stories and Stunning Tales


Deer hunting rifle stories, and deer rifles are a part of the shooting and hunting way of life. You cannot go into a hunting camp or visit the local gun shops or sit in the local barbershop, without getting into hunting stories and some tall tales.

As I worked in the gunsmithing and firearms business for over 25 years, I can still remember a lot of the men who came into the shops I worked in. They would all have stories to tell and some were believable and obviously some were not believable. After time you would figure out who was telling tall tales or who could tell a good story and you could believe it.

We also have stories of our youth, and what we did when we hunted or fished as youngsters. Maybe stories of when we went hunting with our father or grandfather or other members of our family. We would hear stories of men from years gone by. Stories of certain hunting dogs or the majestic buck that got away. Some of our favorite deer hunting rifle stories, like the Winchester lever action firearms that fired continuously. Just like they did in the movies.

When we grew up in the 1950’s and 60’s the TV was not as popular as today. The kids would be outdoors a lot more and would naturally be out hunting, shooting, or trapping. And of course the stories would come from those adventures.

They are all part of the American hunting traditions. The gun stories of our deer hunting rifles or the great rifles that were bought for $20.00 and they never paid over 30 dollars.

I can still remember some of those men who came in to our gun shop in Pennsylvania, and they would start telling their hunting or shooting stories. Some of them I could believe and of course some I could not.

Even in this year of 2012 as I write this article I think of some of the things I heard and can still wonder if they actually were true or not. Gun stores and bragging always go together. I have probably forgotten the vast majority of the stories told.

And of course some of the more wild ones stay with you and these are the particular  deer hunting rifle stories I will be talking about. Some of the amazing things about these stories are that the men who told them would tell them with such passion and emotion. They would swear everything said was the gospel. If someone was in the gun store and the story teller had a willing ear. Well, he could really pour it on.

A good many of the stories are about 22 rifles and the young boys at the time that had now grown into men. They would tell of their hunting adventures with their 22 rifles. Many of you can remember that not too long ago we could actually take our Winchester firearms to school so that we could hunt with them after we got done with school.

I can still remember our school parking lot in the early 70s. There would be several trucks in the parking lot, and some of them would have firearms in the gun rack in the back window. This was not very unusual in Pennsylvania hunting areas in the 1970s. Of course the 1950s and 60s would be similar and the firearm was considered a part of our life, and are important to many of the stories to be told.

The gun was involved a lot in our lives, but as I think back there were not a lot of injuries or fatalities from the amount of firearms available. And those of us who did own those guns did respect them. I will tell one story about a young man from the city, and his idea of gun handling and what could have been a very tragic incident. But we will discuss that in another article.

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So enjoy the deer hunting rifle stories about the men that never missed. The Winchester lever action rifles that had 50,000 rounds fired through them. And those stories about deer hunting rifles and 22 Long rifles that could shoot a fly at 100 yards.