Firearmsthinker recommendations for Firearms and Hunting related accessories. I will recommend some accessories that I feel would be of benefit to the hunters and firearms enthuses that visit Firearmsthinker.

I will recommend Walking Sticks and Backpacks in this page.

Some may feel that the walking stick would only be for the elderly hunters and outdoors men. And it certainly would benefit them. But the walking stick is a very versatile piece of equipment. It can assist anyone walking in ruff or uneven terrain. It can also be a great asset for self defense against animals in the wild or animals on the street.

The walking stick can also be used as a rifle or handgun rest while hunting or in self defense. It is indeed a very versatile aspect of the outdoors man and I believe a very important part for those that traverse the great outdoors.

Most of the recommended walking sticks will be from wood. I like the look and feel that you get from wood. And if you read my Wood & Blued page you will get a little understanding of my love for wood. Metal walking sticks have there place and will be included in the listings.

The Backpack has become very popular for hunters in the last couple of decades. Of course we have many more gagets to carry today. In the 50.s and 60’s you would have a thermous and sandwich with a compass in your pocket. The hunters of the West or those hunting places like the Adirondacks would be using the backpack.

We now have GPS and radios to take along. Range finders and hand warmers. MRE’s and our Hi protean bars and of course we need something to carry it all. The modern backpack can be a great asset to the hunters of today and make the hunting experience much more enjoyable.

I will give some examples of the smaller day packs and the larger Tactical packs that are popular with the survivalist groups. They are larger but are still very light weight compared to the backpacks of the 50’s and 60’s.